You Don’t Have Permission to Shut Down and Restart This ComputerYou don’t have permission to shut down this computer

Some Windows 7 and Windows 10 users have come across an error message stating “You don’t have permission to shut down and restart this computer”.  This appears to be linked to a recent Adobe CC update, specifically related to the Adobe Genuine Monitor Service, Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service and the Adobe Update Service. The Windows 7 Adobe update has been rolled back, however the Windows 10 Adobe update is still an issue and has not been recognized by Adobe at this time.

To temporarily fix this issue you can disable the affected Adobe services by clicking the Start button and typing services.msc and pressing enter or click the “Services App” option at the top of the start menu.


Once you have the services panel open find the following services: “Adobe Genuine Monitor Service”, “Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service”, and “Adobe Update”. Double click each of them one at a time to open them then click Stop then select Startup Type – Disabled.

Adobe Services

Once you have stopped and disabled the services you can try to shutdown the computer. If you are still getting the error “You Don’t Have Permission to Shut Down and Restart This Computer” you may have to perform a hard shutdown (hold the power button for at least 10 seconds) once then turn the computer back on. Going forward you should be able to shutdown/restart as normal.


If you need any assistance with this process open a ticket or call us at 319-227-7000 and we would be happy to assist. Disabling the wrong services could cause further problems with your computer.