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IT Professionals of Iowa
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by Craig S. Rosel on IT Professionals of Iowa

I'm late posting this due to my extended experience as a procrastinator.
On my birthday (Thursday, August 29th) my Windows 7 & hard drive took a permanent vacation. I was in a real pinch as all my financing and on-line-bill-pay were lying dormant in a dead computer, and bills were due the following Monday.
Adam at IT Pro. got me up and running by 3:00 Friday afternoon the following day, with SSD, Windows 10, and my financial programming reinstalled. Can't thank him enough! Superb company with above and beyond FRIENDLY service!

by James on IT Professionals of Iowa

IT Professionals did a fantastic job of migrating our email to Microsoft Office 365. The migration was completed with minimal interruption to our business communications.  They were extremely responsive to any questions or support request we had. We would certainly contact them again if we ever needed their services in the future.

Thank you for selecting us to perform your 30 user GoDaddy O365 to Microsoft O365 migration.

by Robin Schadt on IT Professionals of Iowa

In less than 24 hours my computer was diagnosed, repaired and back in my possession in top working order! They do their best to insure minimal down time. I am so thankful for the great support and service IT Professionals of Iowa provides every time I need them!

by Nancy Zmek Lorenz on IT Professionals of Iowa

Once again, IT Professionals of Iowa to the rescue! My computer wouldn't start up, and they were there for me with quick and efficient service. Called in a panic, and my computer was back to me, running perfectly, within two hours. Seriously, who gives service like that anymore? I'll tell you who, IT Professionals of Iowa!

by Calla Kleene on IT Professionals of Iowa

This is the 3rd and 4th time we've need IT Professionals. They took over some confusion and conversation with our local internet service provider to get us the network spec's we need it to our small in office network. Adam came on site to link our network and fix a bunch of outdated items and pointed out system flaws. I'm grateful for the customer service from Toshia too!!

by Heidi Karr on IT Professionals of Iowa

I've been using Adam and Toshia at IT Professionals since the very beginning. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate their great service and honest pricing. I refer everyone to them!

by Calla Jayne H. Kleene on IT Professionals of Iowa

I have used IT Professionals of Iowa 2x in the past 2 weeks! Once for an in-home install of a cloud device for my husband and I to save our personal files to, and for a mac clean up done remotely so I never needed to loss my computer for a night! I had over 20 GB cleaned off! Best investment and such great service!

by Heidi Karr on IT Professionals of Iowa

Thanks for the new keyboard and hard drive on my work laptop. Runs like new now! Especially love that I didn’t have to sit here and re-install all my software, saved me probably 2 days of work.


by Robin Schadt on IT Professionals of Iowa

Thankful for a local, knowledgeable business who strives for customer satisfaction with a great turnaround time! Cost effective is an added bonus

by Ericka Maynard on IT Professionals of Iowa

So happy with our results with IT Professionals of Iowa. THEY WANTED to help us. That means a lot, in a service industry that I have often felt like an inconvenience, at best, to those I am paying for service! Remote service and support is fast! And with pick up and drop off service, it is so convenient. IT Professionals of  doesn’t mind the silly little questions that I don’t know the answers to lol. Efficient and effective repair of my computers, they helped me to know what I needed and what I didn’t. They kept my budget in mind. I was going to buy a whole new computer and they saved me so much money!


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