Residential Backup Bundle

How would it make you feel if we had to break the news to you that all of your precious photos and data were lost?

I can’t imagine that would come easy. It’s the hardest part of our job having to break the news to our clients that they are to the point of data recovery. Which is not only expensive, it is also not guaranteed, unfortunately, and usually easily prevented.

Yesterday we witnessed an almost catastrophic Windows 10 upgrade failure that resulted in a corrupt Windows 10 install. We were afraid the data was completely lost (however we were able to get the data back). Which is not common, but trust us it happens more than you think. One drop of a laptop can physically damage a hard drive to the point of no return.
This was a must share story because we can save you from this heartache.

We built a backup plan that fits most of our residential clients. It is a 1 TB external drive and we bundled it into a package that also includes setup, the first initial backup, and training on how to back up your files. The whole bundle is only $149.95. This can be setup in your home, remotely, or in our shop.

Putting your mind at ease is priceless.

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