Office 365 Security Training in Cedar Rapids, IAOffice 365 Security Training

Looking for Office 365 Security Training for your employees?

We offer Office 365 security training covering the following topics:

  • Phishing
  • Hacking
  • How to detect scam emails
  • What to do if you suspect an email is a scam
  • How to know you’ve been hacked
  • What to do if you’ve been hacked
  • How to protect your company from email scams and malware
  • What is 2-step and MFA?
  • Examples of phishing emails

Ransomware is primarily spread via email. Make sure your employees know how to detect bad emails before your network is taken over by hackers or all of your data is encrypted causing all work to stop until the data is restored from backups. You do have backups of your data right? When was the last time you restored some backup data to make sure backups are working?

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