New security scares in your business

Most of you have heard of Cryptolocker, Locky, and other variants. This type of malware is known as ransomware because they demand payment in order to decrypt your data. There are two ways to get your data back. Either pay the ransom or restore from a backup. A new variant of ransomware has been detected in the wild which behaves like a worm. This is the ability to spread to external devices such as flash drives and external drives. Unlike the old version which had the ability to encrypt your files on external drives, this new ransomware will copy itself to the external drive and then when you insert the drive into a different computer it will proceed to infect that new machine and encrypt your data and any data connected via the network. As you can see this is exponentially more dangerous than the previous versions of ransomware. The current new version is called ZCryptor.

There are several attack vectors for ZCryptor which include macro enabled email extensions (office documents), fake PDF’s (invoices), as well as fake installers, typically like Adobe Flash/Reader updates.

There are no one size fits all answer to stopping ransomware. You need to have a layered approach, including email spam and virus filtering, a good firewall, managed updates on servers and workstations, backups, and good end user habits.

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