Small Business Network Support Cedar Rapids, IA

We offer network support services to small businesses in Eastern Iowa. If you have a startup and don’t know where to start we will help you build a network that will scale with you. If you are an established business that needs a refresh or upgrade we can handle that as well. Your network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure (core) and it needs to be robust and built to meet your needs to prevent bottlenecks and instability that will affect the entire company. Contact us today for a consultation!

  • WAN

    • Wide Area Network or the network outside of your office such as your internet connection. It’s very important that you have a good business class router/firewall to handle your WAN connection. If your business functionality requires an always on internet connection we can assist with setting up multiple internet providers for failover or load balancing.
  • LAN

    • Your Local Area Network, or the network in your office is the backbone to your company. The LAN provides access to the internet, file servers, printers, and other local resources. It’s important that you use good, business class hardware for your network for stability and the ability to securely segment network traffic.
  • Managed Wireless

    • Our Managed Wireless Service allows you to have a much more secure, stable, and scalable wireless network for your employees and guests. Whether you have 1 employee or 500 employees, we have the wireless solution for you.
  • VPN

    • Virtual Private Network. VPN’s are used to connect multiple offices, or more commonly allow road warriors (employees) to connect to the office in a secure manner. This allows your employees to connect to applications hosted in the office such as QuickBooks or file shares on the internal file server.
Network Support Cedar Rapids, IA
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