Microsoft Teams Backup

Microsoft Teams Backup

We are excited to bring you a Microsoft Teams backup solution. The feature set is currently limited, but being expanded regularly. This is a great addition to our Microsoft Office 365 backup plan.

Backup Items

  • Conversations

  • Calendar

  • Files

  • Notebook

Bulk Restore

  • Restore Entire Group

  • Restore All Conversations

  • Restore Full Calendar

  • Restore All Files

  • Restore Entire Notebook

Individual Restore

  • Individual Files

  • Converstations

The following are known limitations. This section will be updated as issues are addressed or updated.

Yammer Groups

Currently, Cloud Backup does not support the back up and restore of Groups created via Yammer. They will not appear in the list of Groups available for back up. This is an item for support on the Cloud Backup road-map.

Deletion & Re-Association of a Group  

There is limited support of deletion & re-association of a Group. This is only supported when the display name of the new Group and the alias (email address) match the original Group display name and alias.

Discovery of Groups that are not fully provisioned

Office 365 defers provisioning Notebooks and Files for Groups until a user has interacted with that component. Cloud Backup will not back up that portion of the Group until provisioning occurs and is detected.

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