Are You Looking for Complete Internet Security?

Are you tired of your current antivirus solution not working as promised or the fact that the antivirus vendor wants you to pay them to remove a virus that their product didn’t catch? We hear this all the time. We offer a fully managed antivirus package that has been built over several years that just works. If you have a current, active subscription and get infected, we will take care of it. Some other places only offer remote service, so if they can’t connect, they can’t fix the issues. If we can’t connect, simply bring it to our shop or we come pick up the machine from you and just take care of the issue. It’s that simple.

Our Complete Internet Security package includes:Complete Internet Security

  • Fully Managed Antivirus Software with Unlimited Virus Removals
  • Windows and 3rd party Patch Management (install updates, basic troubleshooting for failed updates)
  • Windows Service Monitoring (we will attempt to restart a service if it is shut down)
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Hard drive space monitoring with trending (so we can tell if your hard drive will run out of space)
  • Basic hardware monitoring (so we can anticipate failures)
  • Optional DNS settings to block unwanted or inappropriate website access
  • Unckecky
  • Weekly Tune Ups
  • Web Protection
    • Web Security: Designed to stop users from accidentally visiting malicious sites, including those pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets etc.
    • Web Filtering: Provides the facility to deploy common-sense time-based web browsing policies designed especially for the workplace. Proactive internet access controls can protect you from legal liability and reduce the risk of a security breach.

Only $9.95 a month.

* IT Professionals of Iowa, LLC holds the right to terminate your Complete Internet Security plan at our discretion for abuse of the program.

***Our Complete Internet Security package can only be applied to machines that have been checked and verified by us to be free of malware. If your computer is infected it will need to be cleaned by us prior to installing this package. Contact us with any questions .***

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