Data Recovery Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids Data Recovery

When your hard drive, USB drive or other storage device has stopped working or is working intermittently the best thing to do is shut down the computer and call us. The more you try to use the drive the chances of data recovery get much, much lower especially if the drive or device is making unusual sounds like ticking or grinding. There are a lot of misleading articles on the internet for things to try, unfortunately, these tricks usually cause more damage than good.

If the data in question is important to you call us as soon as possible for the best chance of Data Recovery.

We have the ability to recover data from the following devices:

  • Hard drives
  • NAS devices
  • Flash media
  • Apple devices
  • SSD drives
  • RAID systems

Most single drive data recoveries we see fit into 3 price points of $229.95 (software repair), $450 (hardware device required), and $900 (internal parts need to be replaced in the drive). Some exclusions apply. Each data recovery job is quoted independently based on the scenario.

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