Business grade Warranties Vs Consumer Grade Warranties

We use and recommend Dell business grade hardware so this will be based on that, but the same principals are the same for all of the tier 1 manufacturers.

When you go to a big box store and purchase a computer it will be consumer grade. Consumer grade will be made with cheaper parts, have home versions of Windows and have very basic warranties.

Typically, you1-year 1 year parts only warranty on consumer grade equipment. That means that you have to take your computer into the store you bought it from and most of the time they have to ship the computer to a depot to be services. This usually means that you are without your computer for 1-2 weeks and you still have to pay for labor.

With business grade computers the warranty starts at 3 years because the hardware is built to last. You typically have the ability to purchase up to a 5-year warranty. Also with business grade warranty you do not have to take your computer anywhere. Within 24 hours you will have new parts shipped onsite for repair at no cost for parts or labor. You can also get accidental damage protection, which is especially handy for laptops so if you spill your coffee on your brand new laptop, it’s covered under warranty at no cost.

If you have a real server, you can get warranty with 4-hour onsite service to replace any failed parts without having to pay for parts or labor. This is a big reason to use a real server instead of re-purposing an old desktop as a server. Since this is likely the central repository for data on your network can you afford to be down for a week while you wait for replacement parts?

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