Do You Need a Backup Plan?

We have 3 different types of backup plans.

  • Online Backup
    • Online backup stores your data in the cloud, or in other words in secure data centers across the United States. We use Carbonite for our residential online backup solution. With online backup, you do not need to remember to perform the backup as it’s automatic.
  • Local Backup
    • Local backup is typically a USB device whether an external hard drive or flash drive. This is a great option when restoration time is critical. Although you should have 2-3 USB devices so that you can rotate them offsite at a place like a relatives house or bank safety deposit box.. However if there is a local natural disaster, such as a tornado, it may also affect the offsite backup. With local backup, you need to remember to plug in the USB device and run the backup regularly to keep your backups up to date. Also, you need to remember to unplug your external drive so that it can be stored offsite. Malware can also affect USB drives so it is important to unplug your device if you are not performing a backup or accessing the data. We recommend Western Digital My Passport Ultra drives for local backups.
  • Hybrid Backup (Our Recommendation)
    • Hybrid backups are a combination of the two above options, online and local. This method offers the most redundancy ensuring that your data is always available. With a hybrid backup solution, your data is stored online distributed across multiple very secure data centers so that natural disasters do not affect the data as well as having a local backup for fast restorations if needed. The online backup data is encrypted while being transferred and while being stored on Carbonite’s servers so you can rest assured that your data is only being seen by you.

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